Dental Implants

Don’t let missing teeth ruin your life

Dental implants are now considered by many to be the best option available for replacing missing teeth. They look and feel very natural, offering security, stability and longevity; restoring both your ability to chew and your confidence too.

Replacing a single tooth

Dental implants are ideal for replacing individual missing teeth. The implant itself, a precision-engineered titanium rod, acts as a replacement root upon which a dental crown is fixed to give a very natural look and feel.

Replacing several or all teeth

Rather than using individual implants to replace each missing tooth, a process that would be lengthy and expensive, they can be used to support a bridge. For example, if you were missing four consecutive teeth, these could be replaced with two implants supporting a bridge of four teeth.

Implants can also be used to support dentures. This technique, or a fixed bridge supported by implants, can be used to replace a full arch of teeth.

Dental implants offer a number of benefits over other methods.

These include:

  • Confidence - with dental implants, you will be able to eat and speak with confidence. Dental implants are secure and will not move around in the mouth as some dentures can. There is no need for messy adhesives to hold them in place and they are as strong and effective as your natural teeth.
  • Success rate - dental implant failure is very rare and they now have an excellent and very predictable success rate.
  • Easy maintenance – unlike dentures and bridges, implants do not require any special maintenance, simply diligent brushing and flossing as you would with your natural teeth.
  • Full arch replacement - by supporting full dentures or a fixed bridge, all of your teeth can be replaced in a manner that enables you to have full functionality for eating any food that you wish. Additionally, the implants help to preserve the bone in the jaw.

Your options

For patients who have lost all of their natural teeth:

  • Wearing full dentures
  • Implant retained dentures
  • Non replacement of teeth
  • Crowns and bridges supported by implants


For patients who have lost one or a few teeth:

  • Implant supported crowns and bridges
  • Partial dentures supported by dental implants
  • Dental bridge
  • Partial denture
  • Non replacement of missing teeth

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium, screw-like objects which acts as replacements for the missing roots of teeth. They are placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with it. This process, known as osseointegration, generally takes a few months to complete.

Once the implant and bone have fused, the final restoration, whether crown, bridge or denture, is attached to the implant by screws or clips. This offers a strong and long lasting replacement tooth.

Failing to replace a missing tooth can leave the remaining teeth unsupported and may cause them to drift, leaving you with uneven teeth. In addition to this, movement of your teeth can make you look less healthy and appear older.

Benefits of dental implants

There are many benefits to having dental implants placed which include:

  • Offering the appearance, feel and functionality of natural teeth
  • Strength and longevity
  • The ability to chew food with confidence
  • Can be used to stabilise loose dentures
  • Doesn’t restrict what you can eat
  • Prevents bone loss in the jaw
  • Helps to preserve facial shape, reducing signs of ageing

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