Dental Emergencies

We will always endeavour to see a patient in pain on the same day

Dental pain won’t wait. When you need urgent treatment, we can help. We’ll always aim to find a same day appointment for you, and we’ll help free you from dental pain, fast.

Call us now on 01622 741817.

We can help with any kind of dental problem or concern you have.

We understand that you may feel anxious about your problem, remember we are here for you and will support you all the way.

Even If you are not registered with us don’t worry, we will always offer you the first available appointment when you telephone and so you will be seen quickly.

We always give a full costing before any treatment commences, and we’ll try and give you a few different options to consider what treatment you may wish to have. You can have the emergency treatment straight away, or you can book another appointment.

Emergency dental care in Maidstone FAQs

What counts as an emergency?
If you think you need urgent dental treatment, contact us. Some of the reasons you might feel the need to call include:

  • Toothache that over the counter painkillers can’t dull
  • Swelling around your mouth or face
  • A damaged mouth or teeth as the result of accident or injury
  • Bleeding that won’t stop following a tooth extraction

I’m not sure if it’s an emergency?
Don’t worry, if you are even slightly concerned we will be happy to see you, even if it’s just for re-assurance.

In our experience it’s better to have a problem looked at, before it could get worse.

I’m not registered with a dentist. Can I still get help?
Yes. It doesn’t matter if you’re not registered with us, just contact us. You can register with us when you visit and we’ll make sure you get all the care and treatment you need.

I don’t live in Maidstone? Can I still visit you?
Yes. We’ll provide the emergency dental treatment you need while no matter where you live.

Will you be able to see me same day?
We always aim to treat urgent cases same day, and the sooner you call us the better the chance we’ll be able to see you quickly. If it’s becoming urgent, don’t put off calling us. Do it now.

What happens when you're closed?
You can call us 24 hours a day. When we’re not open you’ll hear a recorded message telling you how to get in touch with an emergency dentist in Maidstone

What Our Patients Say About Emergency Treatment at Orchard Dental Practice

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